Role of Regional Center

As the general partner in your EB-5 visa application, it is the Regional Center’s role to oversee each limited partnership’s daily management. The Regional Center’s duties, which are included in our offering materials, include the following:

  • To supervise the Regional Center’s performance of its obligations under the Advisory Agreements
  • To recommend qualifying investments to limited partners
  • To update the limited partners with semi-annual investment reports
  • To call meetings with limited partners as per requirement
  • To maintain books and records of the limited partnership
  • The retention of lawyers, auditors and other professionals as may be necessary on behalf of the limited partnership
  • To monitor the target business, ensuring its continued qualification under the program
  • To monitor the qualifying investments as well as the financial performance of the target business
  • To determine that the proposed qualifying investment meets the minimum qualification for investment and job creation for the program

In accordance with an Advisory Agreement to be entered into by the Regional Center on behalf of each limited partnership, we shall be compelled give certain additional advisory and administrative services. These advisory and administrative services are as follows:

  • To identify proposed investments for qualification
  • To complete diligent investigations for proposed investments for qualification
  • To provide reporting and accounting services for all qualifying investments made
  • To monitor the investments for qualification in terms of jobs generated, as well as monitoring of compliance for all other requirements under the Program Assist qualifying businesses in order to secure future financing