Required for Petition


PHOTOGRAPHS. Two colored passport-style photographs are needed. No hats, head coverings, or dark glasses should be worn.

PASSPORTS. Copies of passports must be provided for each family member. The passports must be valid for travel to the United States and must have at least six (6) months validity from the date of issuance of visa. Household members may include husband, wife and all unmarried children under twenty-one (21) years of age.

FAMILY CERTIFICATES. Copies of birth, marriage (or divorce) certificates must be given for all individuals applying for a green card under the investor’s application. This includes the spouse and children under 21 years of age at the time of application. A certified copy of birth certificate for each person named in the request must be submitted. Birth certificates or records must be presented for all unmarried children under 21 years of age, regardless of whether or not they wish to immigrate at the time. A certified copy of marriage certificate or proof of termination of any previous marriage(s)(e.g., death certificate of spouse, divorce or annulment of the final rule) must be submitted.

POLICE CERTIFICATES. Each visa applicant aged 16 or older must submit a police certificate from the police at each location in the country where the applicant’s nationality or current residence is, or if the applicant has resided in that location for at least six months since the age of 16. Police certificates are also required from all other countries where the applicant was arrested for one reason or another, and must be of recent date when presented. Police certificates must cover the entire time period of the applicant’s residence in any area.

COURT/PRISON RECORDS. People who have been convicted of a crime must obtain a certified copy of each court record and any prison record, regardless of whether or not they received amnesty, pardon or other forms of clemency.

MILITARY RECORDS. A certified copy of any military record should be presented.

EMPLOYMENT AND BUSINESS DOCUMENTS. Information on the investor’s education, employment history, as well as business experiences are required, including but not limited to, diplomas, resumes, and business registrations.



The investor must provide proof that the all funds used in the investment come from legal and lawful sources. These include profits or earnings from stocks or other investments, sale of real estate, as well as earnings from legal businesses. Inheritance, gifts or loans may be allowed. In regards to funds acquired as a gift, documentation must include the financial information of the person giving said gift. Evidence or proof may be in the form of bank statements, loan or mortgage documents, promissory notes, stock certificates, security agreements, or other evidence of borrowing that is secured by the assets of the applicant.


Financial information must demonstrate a net worth of at least U.S. $ 1 million. Evidence or proof may include documents showing ownership of real estate or business, together with an appraisal of the value of registration and ownership and bank statements. Other examples include gift statements, loan statements, etc.