Advantages of EB-5

Global Premier America Regional Center is legally able to provide investors and their families (spouse and child(ren) below 21 years old) with immigration security. This eliminates the need for you, as the investor, to apply separately in other visa categories. You will also be given the flexibility to have residence anywhere, enroll into educational institutions, get employed, own and operate a business and to change employment without constraints.

The EB-5 Program does not have minimum requirements for age, english proficiency, employment experience or education. Once you are approved for the EB-5 Program as an eligible investor, you will receive a conditional Green Card for yourself, your spouse and unmarried child(ren) below 21 years old. Your family will also have the same privileges as you have, such as being able to get employed, go to school and live legally in the US. Children under 21 are, however, required to comply with Federal regulations and age restrictions for employment.

Two years after receiving your conditional Greencard, and when the business shows that it has created and/or maintained the minimum number of jobs required by the EB-5 Program, your Green Card conditional status will be removed.


  • Visa application already includes principal holder and family members; no need for separate application
  • Ability to legally live, work, or travel anywhere in the US
  • Green Card Processing can be expedited (1 to 5 years)
  • Passive Employment Management
  • Investor is able to gain financial return of Visa Investment
  • Less restrictive visa qualification requirements
  • Principal Visa holder’s children may attend college or universities