It is the duty of Global Premier America to recommend as well as monitor qualifying investment opportunities. An investor who seeks an EB-5 Visa with the help of the Global Premier AmericaRegional Center will join a limited partnership.

Investments shall be made through separate limited partnerships. Limited partners shall be actively involved in the creation of policies of their investment partnership up to the extent allowed by the Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 1976. Global Premier America will become the General Partner for each limited partnership.

It is a requirement of the USCIS that some financial risk be apparent to an investment. Third party guarantees are not allowed. Because of this, we cannot fully guarantee the investment return. Despite this, we will exhaust all possible ways to minimize the risk by making sure the investment is correctly collateralized and that the partnership is built on strong financial foundation.


  • Register and be qualified as an eligible investor in order to receive information from Global Premier America. Go to Register Here and fill up the necessary fields.
  • Please do review our frequently asked questions page for your convenience. For information on our projects, or should you have further questions or wish to set an appointment (for free!), do make sure to contact us.
  • Make it a point to seek professional investment advice.
  • You may consider visiting our California Regional office. Our staff will be there to answer any questions you may have.
  • Consult with other EB-5 visa applicants who have secured green cards. They have the experience to give you advice on what to do.


Green Card – After the initial investment and the submission of your visa application by your attorney or legal counsel, the entire EB-5 application process will take around 24-48 months, though processing times may vary. Should you need to plan important issues, it is advisable that you allow a longer timeframe of 48 months for the issuance of your green card. At this stage, your green card shall be conditional.

Permanent Residency – Upon emigration, you will need to apply to have the conditions removed from your green card. This process must be initiated approximately a year and 9 months after you receive your conditional Green Card This process may take up to 6 months. Once conditions are removed, all family members shall have permanent residency, and your visa shall no longer be tied to your investment.

Citizenship – All investors with an EB-5 visa and have held their green card for five (5) years shall be eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship.