EB-5 Immigrant Requirements


You must provide evidence that the capital used in the investment has been obtained through legal means. This petition must be accompanied with the following items:

  • Tax returns of any kind filed within the last five (5) years in or outside the United States
  • Evidence of other sources of capital
  • Registration records of foreign businesses
  • Certified copies of any judgment, pending governmental civil or criminal actions, or private civil actions against the petitioner from any court in or outside the United States within the last fifteen (15) years.


All documents submitted to the USCIS which are written, typed, or contain foreign language must be accompanied with a full English language translation. This translated document must be certified complete and accurate by a translator, and attached should be the translator’s certification proving that he or she is competent in translating from the specific foreign language into the English language.


Photocopies of pertaining documents may be submitted as long as they are legible, unless the application or petition requires the applicant to submit the original documents. All original documents submitted shall remain a part of the record even if the submission was not required.